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We pride ourselves not only on delivering a quality product all the time - but also in the manner in which we conduct our relationships. We recognize that relationships built upon a foundation of trust and integrity are relationships that will stand the test of time - both in our individual lives and in business. We practice this by being completely up front and open about all of our commitments, our capabilities, and our expectations in business. By weaving integrity into the fabric of our business, we intend to set the standard of integrity in our industry as well as the standard for SYP appearance lumber around the world.

Every day, the Ashton Lewis team comes to work with one goal: exceed customer expectations, insist on the highest quality. Plus, by providing timely deliveries and unparalleled service, we strengthen the relationships we have with our customers and with each other. We're intentionally building relationships that will grow in the years to come.

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Ashton Lewis Lumber Co

Mr. Ashton Lewis with others on site back in the day in North Carolina. With a hands on approach and dedication to uncompromising quality and service, Mr. Lewis has gainied a world-wide reputation for the best Southern Yellow Pine appearance lumber products.

Discover the Ashton Lewis Edge. We're proud of our history and eager to share our reputation for quality with you.
Ashton Lewis

Our People. Our Clear Advantage.

After literally decades of producing the highest quality appearance lumber in the world, you will not be surprised to discover its our people that are key to the Ashton Lewis edge. As we’ve mentioned, we search out the very best timber in a wide span of the ideal forest deserving of the Ashton Lewis product label. But if not for our experienced craftsman, that timber would fall short of this high quality standard. With experienced employees producing our products for as long as 45 years coupled with an apprentice program that ensures the precision product you expect, the generations of unparalleled excellence at Ashton Lewis are in good hands. You can build your business solidly on Ashton Lewis quality and consistency

Mr. Ashton Lewis taught his team the pillars of high quality and hard work. Since 1952 we have worked to maintain the standards he instilled in our company. When it comes to lumber, Ashton demanded the best effort and best finished product. Ashton Lewis Lumber Company is sought out from around the world, and we plan to keep it that way for generations to come. We deliver Old World Craftsmanship in Appearance Lumber every time.