• Ashton Lewis Lumber
Milling Process

Quality with Every Step

While we could brag about our unique production flow, our state-of-the-art facility and advanced scanning and computer optimized machinery, our numerous dry kilns which are fueled by manufacturing drop, our 40 bay drop bin sorter, and our parallel line finishing mill (of which we’re mighty proud), but we’d rather brag about where we really gain a manufacturing advantage: our people.

Not only are our employees thoroughly trained on each machine but they’re also trained graders, authorized to disqualify a single board at any point of the manufacturing process.
Unparalleled Excellence

Why Ashton Lewis?

While we may have been in the same location for over half a century, one thing has been consistent: change. Over the years we have developed a culture that fosters change by constantly reexamining our methods to assure maximum efficiency through process evolution.

  •  Proprietary Technologies

  •  Dedicated to Process Improvment

  •  Commitment to Quality
Our Facility

Process Evolution for Over 50 Years

Located on 75 acres in rural Gates County, North Carolina (about 60 miles southwest of the port of Norfolk, Virginia) our facilities feature over 100,000 square feet of covered warehouses, state-of-the-art scanning and computer optimized machine centers, numerous dry kilns (fed by manufacturing drop), two high-speed Patern Planers and two German engineered eight-head Weinig Moulders. This allows us to effectively manage large quantities of finished goods and yet be nimble enough to react quickly to specific needs for a single order.

  •  100,000 square feet covered warehouses

  •  Proprietary Material Scanning Techniques

  •  High Speed Patern Planers
  •  Proprietary Dry Kiln Methodology

It All Adds Up

The result is an ultramodern sawmill, which utilizes advanced scanning and computer optimization at nearly every machine center. Our drop-fed gasification type dry kilns, high-speed pattern planers and multi-head moulder produce the precision product that our customers have come to expect. And thanks to our team of over 100 highly trained employees we know that each board is being scrutinized for heart content, color, grain orientation and clarity which results in the industry’s best dressed pine.